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Real Estate Workout - FIN112CA-BR

This course is an overview of a Real Estate Workout. This course will define the real estate workout and how it should be utilized as well as the process, when the need for a workout arises, tax implications, potential pitfalls and lenders responses.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define a real estate workout and the various types
  • Comprehend the process, methodology and progression of the real estate workout
  • Identify the initiating catalysts of workout necessities
  • Link the significance of tax consequences to distressed real estate workouts
  • Understand real estate workout potential pitfalls
  • Examine loan red flags and lenders’ approaches to problem assets
  • Identify several benefits an Operator-Lender provides
  • Understand the significance of a real estate workout to a home owner
  • Explain the significance of the pre-negotiation letter
  • Explain the significance of a real estate workout

Method of Course Presentation: Internet

Course Category: Consumer Service

Course Textbook and Outline Information:

This continuing education course consists of three hours of original materials created by Connect Media in collaboration with experienced subject matter experts and videos of experts in the commercial real estate field. A Learner Guide is provided to students with an outline of the course, transcripts of all videos and time estimates for each lesson.

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Real Estate Workout General Course Information Page

Instructor/Industry Expert(s):

  • Daniel CenicerosIndustry ExpertCEO at Connect Commercial Real Estate
  • Gary M. TenzerIndustry ExpertPrincipal / Co-Founder at George Smith Partners
  • Gary BechtelIndustry ExpertChief Executive Officer at Red Oak Capital
  • Richard DeSilvaIndustry ExpertManaging Partner at Lateral Investment Management LLC
  • Nick DurenIndustry ExpertPresident at Crescent Securities Group Inc
  • Ann HamblyIndustry ExpertFounder and CEO at 1st Service Solutions
  • Tom LorenziniIndustry ExpertVice President at Tremont Realty Capital
  • Bryan S. MickIndustry ExpertChairman at Mick Law PC
  • Ron MurmurIndustry ExpertPresident at Peachtree Hotel Group


  • Current status: Not Started
  • CEU: 3 credit hours
  • Type: Text & Video
This course is set to expire 12/06/2024. You must complete the course prior to that date. Once the course expires you will not be able to access it.
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