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Change in Consumer Behavior

Changing consumer behavior is significantly influencing industrial real estate investments and development, reshaping the landscape of logistics and distribution. The surge in e-commerce, fueled by evolving consumer preferences for online shopping and fast delivery, has propelled the demand for strategically located warehouses and fulfillment centers. Consumers now expect shorter delivery times and greater convenience, prompting […]

Industrial Real Estate III – Advance Course

Industrial Real Estate III is the third course in a 3-part series – introduction, intermediate, and advanced. All courses provide an in-depth survey to the world of industrial real estate, exploring the fundamentals, key concepts, and essential knowledge required to understand, invest in, and operate within the industrial real estate sector. Whether you are a […]

“Going Green”/Carbon Neutrality

“Going green” and achieving carbon neutrality are pivotal dynamics poised to profoundly impact the future landscape of the industrial real estate market. This transformative shift involves embracing sustainable practices, reducing carbon emissions, and striving to balance or offset the carbon footprint generated by industrial operations. Industries are increasingly recognizing the significance of sustainability, not merely […]

Blockchain Technology

Industrial Real Estate and Blockchain As of 2022, the United States leads the world in Bitcoin mining which is increasing the need for industrial land and facilities to accommodate mining. Almost one-third of the top 100 U.S. companies have a complete functioning, live service that utilizes blockchain technology for processing. Blockchain technology leverages Distributed Ledger […]

Technologically Advanced Buildings

Technologically Advanced Buildings Created to Address Growing Tenant Requirements and Necessity Many modern tenants value agility. This can be achieved by a facility replete with advanced technology and strategically located sites that are closer to their consumer base with reduced square footage. Industrial real estate investors and owners can more cost-effectively modify properties to accommodate […]

Economic Fluctuations

Large Economic Swings Large Economic Swings are likely to reduce the rate of growth. Macroeconomic influences (e.g., deferred investing, inflation, and economic recession etc.), tenant requests, last-mile delivery, and quick technology development are prone to restructure demand and industrial building space design. One significant macroeconomic factor impacting the industrial real estate market’s growth is the […]

Progress in E-Commerce Transactions

Progress in e-commerce transactions will push need for additional industrial real estate. Double-digit growth in e-commerce transactions, the rise in commercial inventories, and higher gas costs are anticipated to drive demand for an additional 850 million square feet over the next five years. Ironically, sales are not the only reason e-commerce companies will need more […]

Course Summary

Prior to the 18th century industrial invention boom, goods and materials were made and produced primarily by hand with the assistance of animal labor (e.g., horses and mules).  These goods and materials were mostly sold locally and stored in a just-in-time or brief occupancy manner to prevent spoilage. Long distance transport of large amounts of perishable […]

Welcome to Industrial Real Estate III – Advance Course Orientation

Connect Classroom has created course content, which encourages ongoing conversations. You will enjoy learning from expert provided content on topics relevant to your work. Mission Statement Connect Commercial Real Estate is a commercial real estate marketing agency, as well as a provider of news, events and continuing education, with a client and community-centric approach. Our goal […]