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Benefits of Fair Housing Practice – Economic and Social Implications

Fair housing practices have far-reaching economic implications that extend beyond the realms of social justice. The implementation of fair housing policies and the promotion of equal access to housing opportunities can have profound positive effects on property values, neighborhood stability, and overall economic growth. These effects are rooted in the principles of inclusivity, diversity, and […]

Lesson 13 Wrap up

The scenarios presented in this lesson shed light on some of the challenges individuals face in the realm of fair housing. From Maria’s battle against gentrification to John and Sarah’s quest for affordable housing, each scenario highlights the complex issues that persist in our housing systems. These scenarios underscore the importance of understanding the impact […]

Gentrification, Affordable Housing Shortages, New Forms of Housing Discrimination, and Innovative Approaches for Fair Housing

Below, we will review real-life scenarios that highlight the impact of gentrification, affordable housing shortages, new forms of housing discrimination, and innovative approaches for fair housing. Through these scenarios, we will visit some of the challenges individuals face in their housing journeys and examine potential solutions and actions they can take to address these issues. […]

Fair Housing Initiatives and Programs

In this lesson, diverse fair housing initiatives such as education campaigns, community partnerships, and public-private collaborations will be reviewed. Lesson Learning Objective By the end of this lesson, you will be able to: Fair housing initiatives and programs are vital in promoting equal access to housing and combating housing discrimination. This lesson reviews some of […]

Restricted License

Probationary License A restricted real estate license is a type of probationary license that is imposed by the DRE as an administrative action when a complaint is filed against a licensee for violating real estate laws or regulations. In some cases, when settling an accusation or desist and refrain order, the DRE may permit a […]

Topic 2: Developing Policies and Procedures and Mitigating Risks

To effectively manage risks, it’s recommended to implement a comprehensive set of standardized policies and procedures that provide specific guidance on how to mitigate risks. In this course, we will discuss this further, focusing on the broker’s responsibilities and role in this area. It’s crucial to communicate the types of risks that the company faces […]

Topic 1: Broker’s Role and Responsibilities

Responsibilities A broker is responsible for the actions of their sales agents because sales agents operate under the supervision and authority of the broker. The broker is responsible for ensuring that their sales agents follow all the rules, regulations, and ethical standards required in the real estate industry. If a sales agent violates any of […]