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Mission Statement

Connect Commercial Real Estate is a commercial real estate marketing agency, as well as a provider of news, events and continuing education, with a client and community-centric approach. Our goal is to positively impact the commercial real estate community nationwide by better serving the people and places that we touch. Our innovative and integrated approach provides our clients with a platform to tell their stories and share their experiences and success through written, digital and creative channels, while educating the industry on market trends and deal flow.

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  • Matthew Ody, GSI, CNE®  Instructor at Connect Classroom

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At any point during your time within the course, should you have a question or comment, there is an Ask Your Instructor button you may utilize to contact your instructor. Response time is within 48 hours.

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the multifamily real estate sector, covering essential concepts, strategies, and insights for investors and real estate enthusiasts. Learners will gain foundational knowledge and practical tools for multifamily real estate investing.

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