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Distressed Assets in Commercial Real Estate - Intermediate Course

This intermediate course explores advanced topics and techniques that will empower you to navigate the complexities of distressed property investments with confidence. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to conduct advanced due diligence, assess investment risks, and formulate value-creating strategies. Additionally, we will focus on the intricacies of property rehabilitation, operational excellence, and portfolio management.


Method of Course Presentation: Internet

Course Category: Professional Development

Course Textbook and Outline Information: This professional development course consists of one hour of original materials created by Connect Classroom in collaboration with experienced subject matter experts in the commercial real estate field.

Estimated time to complete course: 1 hour

Refund Policy: Courses are non-refundable

Learning Objectives:

  • Advanced Analysis of Distressed Properties
  • Strategic Negotiation and Creative Deal Structuring
  • Advanced Techniques in Property Rehabilitation and Value Enhancement
  • Operational Excellence and Asset Management
  • Portfolio Management and Sophisticated Exit Strategies

Instructor/Industry Expert(s):


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