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Industrial Real Estate - Introductory Course

This introductory course will provide insight into the origin and history of industrial real estate, the different types of industrial real estate, the benefits and risks of investing in industrial real estate, as well as, a general overview of the roles that appraisers, architects, attorneys and brokers play in the asset class.


Industrial Real Estate Introduction Course is the first course in a 3-part series - introduction, intermediate, and advanced. All courses provide an in-depth introduction to the world of industrial real estate, exploring the fundamentals, key concepts, and essential knowledge required to understand, invest in, and operate within the industrial real estate sector. Whether you are a novice looking to start a career in industrial real estate or an investor seeking to diversify your portfolio, this course offers valuable insights into this dynamic industry.

This course serves as an introduction to industrial real estate by articulating what it is, chronicling its origin and history, identifying why it is important in today's society and conveying what makes it a great real estate investment. It equips participants with the foundational knowledge to understand the comprehensive scope of industrial real estate, encompassing its diverse definitions, historical evolution, contemporary societal significance, and the intrinsic factors that position it as a compelling and lucrative investment opportunity.

Method of Course Presentation: Internet

Course Category: Professional Development

Course Information: This professional development course consists of one hour of original materials created by Connect Classroom in collaboration with experienced subject matter experts.

Refund Policy: Courses are non-refundable

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the definition of industrial real estate
  • Chronicle the origin and history of industrial real estate
  • Identify why industrial real estate is important in today’s society
  • Recognize what makes industrial real estate a great investment
  • Define industrial real estate types
  • Differentiate the benefits and risks of industrial real estate investing
  • Distinguish common ways to invest in industrial real estate
  • Describe, in generality, the common methods of industrial real estate valuation
  • Explain, in generality, industrial real estate architectural features
  • Provide an overview of the role of Industrial Practice attorneys
  • Define the dynamics that will impact the future of the industrial real estate market

Instructor/Industry Expert(s):

  • Marsennia WellsIndustry Expert, InstructorM.S. Ed, M.A. - Instructor at Connect Classroom


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