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Vacant Space

Vacant space refers to all space not currently occupied by a tenant, regardless of any lease obligation that may be on the space. Vacant space could be space that is either available or not available. For example, sublease space that is currently being paid for by a tenant but not occupied by that tenant would be considered vacant space. Likewise, space that has been leased but not yet occupied because of finish work being done would also be considered vacant space. Vacant space could also be quoted in one of three ways, as new, relet or sublet. New space, sometimes called first generation space, refers to space that has never been occupied by a tenant. Relet space, sometimes called second generation space, refers to space that has previously been occupied by another tenant. Sublet space refers to space that has been leased by another tenant, is still under a lease obligation by that tenant, but is being offered for lease back to the market by the tenant with the lease obligation.