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Retail Real Estate – Introduction Course

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Dive into the dynamic world of retail real estate in this succinct course designed for industry newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. Covering key aspects from investment and market analysis to the impact of e-commerce and the latest consumer trends, this course equips you with foundational knowledge and emerging strategies in retail property management and development. Engage with industry case studies, explore technology’s role in shaping retail spaces, and understand the critical balance between experiential retail and operational efficiency. Perfect for anyone looking to grasp the essentials of retail real estate quickly.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the Core Principles of Retail Real Estate:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of retail property types, leasing strategies, and the key factors that drive the success of retail locations.
    • Analyze the Impact of Market Dynamics
  • Learn to evaluate demographic data, consumer behavior, and economic indicators to assess retail property performance and market viability.
    • Adapt to the Influence of E-Commerce
  • Develop strategies to integrate physical retail with digital commerce, understanding the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth of online shopping.
    • Explore Sustainable Development Practices
  • Recognize the importance of sustainability in retail real estate development and management, and how green building practices can contribute to long-term value.
    • Navigate Post-Pandemic Retail Real Estate
  • Identify the enduring changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and how to adapt retail real estate strategies to align with new consumer expectations and behaviors.


Matthew Ody, GSI, CNE®; Real Estate Instructor/Tutor/Coach/Course Designer

Contact Instructor: [email protected]

Course Information:

Estimated time to complete course: 1 hour

Final Exam: The final exam is comprised of multiple choice questions and answers and provides correct/incorrect feedback. To advance to your completion certificate, all questions must be answered. Once you have successfully passed the course exam, you will be directed through the process to receive your certificate.

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