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Distressed Assets in Commercial Real Estate – Intermediate Course

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This intermediate course provides advanced topics and techniques that will empower you to navigate the complexities of distressed property investments with confidence. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to conduct advanced due diligence, assess investment risks, and formulate value-creating strategies. Additionally, focus is placed on the intricacies of property rehabilitation, operational excellence, and portfolio management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Advanced Analysis of Distressed Properties:
    • Objective: Equip participants with the skills to perform advanced analysis of distressed properties, including in-depth financial analysis, legal and regulatory considerations, and environmental risk management. Learners will develop the ability to evaluate pro forma financial statements, conduct sensitivity analysis, navigate complex zoning and land use regulations, and manage environmental liabilities effectively.
  • Strategic Negotiation and Creative Deal Structuring:
    • Objective: Develop participants’ proficiency in advanced negotiation techniques and creative deal structuring for acquiring distressed properties. This includes mastering the art of negotiating with distressed sellers, structuring seller financing and joint ventures, and crafting effective purchase agreements to safeguard interests.
  • Advanced Techniques in Property Rehabilitation and Value Enhancement:
    • Objective: Teach participants advanced methods in property rehabilitation, focusing on planning and executing major renovations and repositioning strategies. Learners will gain insights into leveraging advanced construction techniques, maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability, and implementing value-added strategies like adaptive reuse and redevelopment.
  • Operational Excellence and Asset Management:
    • Objective: Instruct participants on implementing advanced property management strategies to achieve operational excellence. This encompasses optimizing property operations for distressed assets, enhancing tenant retention and lease negotiation skills, and refining marketing and leasing efforts to maximize occupancy and revenue.
  • Portfolio Management and Sophisticated Exit Strategies:
    • Objective: Provide learners with knowledge on effective portfolio management of distressed real estate assets and advanced exit strategies. This will cover developing a distressed property portfolio management plan, understanding property aggregation and portfolio sales, and strategies for long-term wealth creation and diversification.


Matthew Ody, GSI, CNE®; Real Estate Instructor/Tutor/Coach/Course Designer

Contact Instructor: [email protected]

Course Information:

Estimated time to complete course: 1 hour

Final Exam: The final exam is comprised of multiple choice questions and answers and provides correct/incorrect feedback. To advance to your completion certificate, all questions must be answered. Once you have successfully passed the course exam, you will be directed through the process to receive your certificate.

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Welcome to Navigating Distressed Assets in Commercial Real Estate - Intermediate Course
LESSON 1 - Advanced Due Diligence and Property Assessment
LESSON 2 - Value Creation and Property Revitalization
LESSON 3 - Property Management for Distressed Real Estate