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Striking the right equilibrium between risk and profitability stands as a pivotal concern for all real estate professionals. Practitioners consistently encounter a multitude of business choices and endeavors. Mismanaging these crucial determinations might inadvertently subject practitioners to plausible litigation and the breach of federal and Californian statutes. Your proficiency in understanding potential hazards profoundly influences your capacity to adeptly handle these risks and curtail their impact. Within this course, we will delve into risk across six critical domains:

  • Property Disclosure
  • Agency Law
  • Contracts
  • Compensation
  • Antitrust
  • Fair Housing


Marsennia Wells, M.S. Ed, M.A., Instructor, Connect Classroom

Contact Instructor: [email protected]

Course Information:

CE Credit: 3 hours

Written section length: 3 hours

Estimated time to complete course: 3 hours

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize and assess potential risks that real estate licensees may encounter in professional practice
  • Formulate effective strategies for managing and mitigating these risks
  • Explain the essential aspects of property disclosures, the utilization of the Transfer Disclosure Statement, and effective risk management strategies associated with these processes
  • Recognize the appropriate protocols for disclosing agency relationships and verifying that clients and customers understand their choices regarding representation.

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