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In the state of California, the concept of “agency” encompasses the dynamic connection established between individuals looking to buy or sell real estate and licensed professionals within the field. By engaging the services of a skilled real estate expert, buyers and sellers can secure effective representation, ensuring their interests are safeguarded and transactions are skillfully conducted on their behalf. As an experienced specialist, your profound knowledge empowers you to navigate clients through the intricate process, providing invaluable guidance and adeptly resolving any hurdles or complications they may encounter along the way.

Given the heightened complexity of today’s real estate market, the assistance of knowledgeable professionals like yourself is indispensable for consumers. Your expertise not only eases the process but also serves as a vital advocate, adeptly representing their interests during negotiations. Through your dedicated efforts, the buying, selling, and leasing of real estate becomes a more comfortable and prosperous endeavor for both parties involved. It is important to recognize that the very bedrock of the real estate industry is rooted in the fundamental notion of agency.

This course is thoughtfully designed to enhance your understanding of the operational dynamics of real estate firms in California. Armed with this knowledge, you will be fully equipped to serve your clients in the best possible manner, operating in full compliance with the legal framework governing the industry.


Marsennia Wells M.S. Ed., M.A., Instructor, Connect Classroom

Contact Instructor: [email protected]

Course Information:

CE Credit: 3 hours

Written section length: 3 hours

Estimated time to complete course: 3 hours

Course Objectives:

  • Provide a comprehensive definition of “Agency” as defined by the state of California
  • Provide descriptions for the different types of agency relationships that are possible in the state of California
  • Analyze the different types of agency relationships that are possible in the state of California
  • Define and describe the types of agency relationships that can exist in the state of California.
  • Explain the California Agency Disclosure Law and when disclosures must be made to a client or customer during a real estate transaction.
  • Identify key advancements in technology that have impacted the agency relationship in the digital age
  • Discuss the ethical considerations associated with utilizing technology.

Industry Experts: